Why the history genre is keeping TV alive

TV sucks these days; let’s face it. Thanks to the input from that tyrannical cable company that controls access to practically every channel available, our viewing options are limited. Think about most of what’s available on the 500-plus channels. We have dozens of reality shows ranging in topic from pawn shops, anything Alaska, polygamist families … Continue reading Why the history genre is keeping TV alive

A Renewed Political Obsession

As the 2016 Primary season is moving from state-to-state, the fervor has ignited in me an interest in politics that I have not experienced since the 2000 season. While I was an editor at The Daily Aztec, the student newspaper at San Diego State University, I made it my mission to embrace, report and promote … Continue reading A Renewed Political Obsession

Campaigning Like It’s Y2K

Election 2000 was a presidential race that brought out controversy, a maverick third-party candidate who influenced the outcome and called for re-evaluating the Electoral College Process. As the 2016 Primaries move along, we have candidates who deviate from the status quo. Ideologies and policies that defy the traditional party lines are making headlines, daily. Whether a Democrat or Republican wins the White House in November, policy-making and social status will modify American values for a long time. What's different this time around is those who seek change are getting their messages out there by running as a Democrat or Republican, and not a third-party candidate.

I’m Running…away from 2015

The headlines in print, online and television in 2015 revealed a world on the brink of a dystopia not unlike the “Mad Max” franchise. A new terrorist threat is stirring up trouble across the globe, record-breaking December weather brought floods and a muddy Christmas, and hundreds were killed by gun violence.

‘Make’ Christmas Work

Practicing gratitude is something that doesn’t always strike a chord with me. We live in a culture where streaming messages of pleasure and fame entice us to chase this rhino, regardless of the moral danger. This brings along a sense of entitlement that manifests through instant gratification and intense competition. It can be easy to … Continue reading ‘Make’ Christmas Work