Break the (sensational) Cycle

(M)edia barons and Hollywood PR firms will see ratings and dollar signs as they step all over each other to drum up campaign after campaign regarding mental health and suicide prevention. The former does this because it's unwilling to report real news while the latter due to lack of original ideas. Within four months, the news cycle will have left the outpost and rolled on down the bumpy, chaotic trail of modern media.

“Transform, Not Conform”

The burnt-out war stories are etched on the weathered faces of the other men and women who line up daily for chapel service followed by a meal: Living in the shadows of alleyways shooting heroin or pulling tricks in a car for another bag of whatever; or hiding behind the curtains of a run-down smoke-filled motel room, while nervously pacing back-and-forth for that plastic pint of vodka that tastes a notch above turpentine (hoping there’s at least a gulp left to stop the terrifying fucking shakes). Those are not examples of how well-adjusted people live.

“Diagnosis Pending” Part 2

Why is it that Cathy and I-like millions of others- have to live a fucking life never knowing how miserable we're gonna feel when we wake up? Some days, there’s hope; other’s its sheer agony getting out of bed. To take this a step further, why do so many of that millions—excluding Cathy—think that they can quiet the internal monster with booze or drugs, knowing perfectly well that only makes matters worse?

“Diagnosis Pending:” A work in progress

I'm a firm believer that tragedies hit us in threes. The third "shoe" to fall is pending. Meanwhile, I feel compelled to preview my second attempt at a novel. Life can be a chaotic and surprising walk for many of us who fight inner demons daily.... “Diagnosis Pending” By Zachary C. Smith “When you're back … Continue reading “Diagnosis Pending:” A work in progress

Why the history genre is keeping TV alive

TV sucks these days; let’s face it. Thanks to the input from that tyrannical cable company that controls access to practically every channel available, our viewing options are limited. Think about most of what’s available on the 500-plus channels. We have dozens of reality shows ranging in topic from pawn shops, anything Alaska, polygamist families … Continue reading Why the history genre is keeping TV alive

A Renewed Political Obsession

As the 2016 Primary season is moving from state-to-state, the fervor has ignited in me an interest in politics that I have not experienced since the 2000 season. While I was an editor at The Daily Aztec, the student newspaper at San Diego State University, I made it my mission to embrace, report and promote … Continue reading A Renewed Political Obsession

Campaigning Like It’s Y2K

Election 2000 was a presidential race that brought out controversy, a maverick third-party candidate who influenced the outcome and called for re-evaluating the Electoral College Process. As the 2016 Primaries move along, we have candidates who deviate from the status quo. Ideologies and policies that defy the traditional party lines are making headlines, daily. Whether a Democrat or Republican wins the White House in November, policy-making and social status will modify American values for a long time. What's different this time around is those who seek change are getting their messages out there by running as a Democrat or Republican, and not a third-party candidate.