Wherever life experiences have taken me, documenting and following environmental situations is something that has always concerned me. Much of my writing pertains to the environment. Some of my favorite activities include hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, canoeing, tracking sasquatch, or generally wasting time in the wilderness. Since I’m an avid consumer of nature’s splendor, I’ve gotten dirty and sweaty for several outdoor-related organizations such as Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Pacific Crest Trail Association, Central Oregon Trail Alliance, Cleveland and San Bernardino national forests because I find the time—and I care.

Also, being an astute, though underemployed journalist, I’ve made it common practice to follow news and events pertaining to the environment in general. Because of my limited resources and sometimes laziness, the best approach I find useful is “think globally, act locally.” Usually it leaves me with a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. These days, that’s how I obtain ideas of green writing.

To see my environmental travels, essays, articles and photos, select Balance in Nature, Born to Walk, Legislation Indoctrination categories. I am always looking for more story ideas so feel free to comment on any ideas/issues.cropped-crankfever.jpg

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